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Summary for archaeologynews.org : Site ID = 12664 : Thursday, April 24, 2014 Compare to Last Year
Site Summary
Total Page Views:33
First Time Visitors:4
Returning Visitors:14
Last Visit:4/24/2014 10:48:23 AM
Search Engine Clicks:8
Bounce Rate (Visitors who viewed only one page):11 (61.1%)
Page Views From Mobile Devices:0 (0.00%)
Visitors from Mobile Devices:0 (0.00%)
Campaign Visits:0
Conversions:0 (0.0%)
Conversions Total:$0.00
Average Page Views Per Visitor:1.8
Average Page Views Per Hour:2.8
Average Visitors Per Hour:1.5
Average Time On Site (Today):0.0 min
Average Time On Site (Last Hour):1.4 min
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Website: archaeologynews.org
Date Range: 4/24/2014 - 4/24/2014
Traffic Average Comparison
RangePage ViewsVisitorsSearches
Yesterday vs Last 14 daysDown 9%Down 15%Down 11%
Yesterday vs Last 30 daysSameDown 13%Down 32%
Yesterday vs Last 90 daysDown 5%Down 19%Down 82%
Top Performing DaysDateValue
Campaign Visits12/19/201080,787
Page Views12/19/201090,391
Traffic Summary
Most Popular:/featured.asp (14 views, 14 visitors)
Home Page (11 views, 7 visitors)
/search.asp (3 views, 3 visitors)
Top Referrers:www.google.co.il (4 referrals, 1 visitors)
www.google.com (1 referrals, 1 visitors)
www.bing.com (1 referrals, 1 visitors)
Top Search Engines:Yahoo (1)
Bing (1)
Top Keywords:archaeology news (1)
yhs-fh_lsonsw (1)
Most Active Visitors: (8 Page Views) (4 Page Views) (2 Page Views)
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